Meditation with Planet Earth

The atmospheric guitar is played using the calculations for the frequency (Hz) and corresponding beats per minute (BPM) for the planet Earth.

Frequency: 172.06 Hz
BPM: 80.6

This guitar track and video was created as a personal meditation and has helped me to alleviate symptoms of depression. The purpose for adding slight tape distortion is to help ease anxiety. Heavy metal music has been studied and known to provide therapeutic benefits. I’ve used this distortion technique in the music you’ll find here. It’s a cumulative affect and I listen to my own as well as other meditative music and heavy metal music on SomaFM.

The corresponding video is on YouTube, thanks for subscribing! It has the visuals creating a mandala kaleidoscope form constant effect with a photo of Earth. Photo credit to Ruth Enyedi via Unsplash.

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