A Buddha statuette holds a crystal ball in his hands and is covered in snow

Crystal and Snow Guitar Meditations (Volume 2)

This series of meditations has three tracks with each at approximately nine minutes in length. Being a musician and audio tech, I am able to set the frequencies and beats per minute precisely. In this series my guitar is tuned to 432 Hz for each track. Track 1 is played at 108 beats per minute (bpm), track 2 at 126 bpm, and track 3 at 135 bpm.

The music was created to provide short meditations to focus on breathing. The purpose for including slight distortion is to aid with lowering anxiety.

The Crystal and Snow title was inspired by a series of photographs I have taken of a small crystal ball in the snow. To see the photographs and the accompanying kaleidoscope mandala videos, please visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKcpv2jHtTH7uOl-USFB4zg

Thank you so much and I hope you find these meditations useful too.

Here is a sample:

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