Clara Hembree with Taylor Guitar and Rode Microphones Tips and Guides

Easy mic recording for acoustic guitar and vocal, then…

For the latest Maheekat recording and video project, we used two microphones and two cameras. One mic on the vocals, another on the guitar. One camera angle up close, and one straight on.

About the mics…

We used the large diaphragm condenser mic to pick up my vocals. In this case, it is a Rode NT2A. It’s a really great mic that has a wide range and three cool features.

  • two high-pass filters (three if you count the flat position)
  • three polar pattern positions
  • two pad positions (-5 and -10dB) for louder sound sources

We used a directional mic to pick up the guitar. The mic of choice was another Rode. It’s part of a matched pair of Nt5s.

These two mics went straight into two tracks in Logic Pro X.

Because the sound from acoustic guitars can get boomy, we did our best to position the directional microphone in a place where it wouldn’t pick up too much of the low end. We also worked on positioning the condenser mic so that it would pick up more of my voice and less guitar.

After several tests with positioning the microphones, we finally got a good sound.

From there we pressed record in Logic Pro and the two cameras. Away I went to perform the songs. We pressed stop in between each song to make editing easier later on.

While still in Logic Pro X, we performed a little EQ, then added slight compression. Dream pop music wouldn’t be what it is without reverb or delay, so we added reverb.

Now we had the bounced versions of all three songs ready to sync with the video.

Syncing the good audio with the video is pretty easy in FCP…

Finally, we imported the video from the two cameras into Final Cut Pro.  Jonathan Morrison’s how-to video can show you how to sync your video takes, remove their audio and use your recorded music simply and quickly!

I’m not going to go into details about the video editing in this post. More on that in the future.

There are three videos in this series. All the songs are from Maheekats’ first album, God Has a Cadillac Too.

maheekats play a live show in santa barbara Project

Maheekats – Dreamy Indie Pop Rock Music Group

Maheekats is my music project that has been active from 1999 to 2003, and again from 2013 to present.

Established in 1999, Craig Camp plays drums and bass and I play guitar and sing. We are both dedicated to writing ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics which gives the music its unique foundation and soundscape. 

Our sound is characterized by its surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy indie pop, dreamy indie rock, psychedelic and progressive influences.

The music is an ethereal odyssey through the genres of dream pop, indie pop, and poetic imagery.


Full album releases include…

God Has a Cadillac Too

Sidetracked – Arbitrary Sonic Inklings

Phosphorus Man

Songs from the Woods

Songs from the Woods (Remastered)

Single releases include…

Devotee Bees

Never End In the End

Bedlam Bo Peep

It Breaks



Baba Lives

Melted Rule

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