maheekats play a live show in santa barbara Project

Maheekats – Dreamy Indie Pop Rock Music Group

Maheekats is my music project that has been active from 1999 to 2003, and again from 2013 to present.

Established in 1999, Craig Camp plays drums and bass and I play guitar and sing. We are both dedicated to writing ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics which gives the music its unique foundation and soundscape. 

Our sound is characterized by its surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy indie pop, dreamy indie rock, psychedelic and progressive influences.

The music is an ethereal odyssey through the genres of dream pop, indie pop, and poetic imagery.


Full album releases include…

God Has a Cadillac Too

Sidetracked – Arbitrary Sonic Inklings

Phosphorus Man

Songs from the Woods

Songs from the Woods (Remastered)

Single releases include…

Devotee Bees

Never End In the End

Bedlam Bo Peep

It Breaks



Baba Lives

Melted Rule

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