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album cover, woman in red holding a levitating crystal ball looking towards the world tree and moon but she's blindfolded

Collection of Echoes

New album by Circle of Dominion. #spiritrock The group’s sound is genre adjacent. Surreal lyrics, lush vocals, edgy post-punk, psychedelic goth and progressive influences. Sonic experimentation with ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics give the music its unique foundation and soundscape.

ComboNation – Ska and Dance Music

Recordings coming soon!

Money Monday

Only on Insight Timer – Mondays at 7:20am Pacific

Start your week with a positive money mindset. Join me for just 15 minutes while I guide you through some wonderful positive affirmations for abundance and prosperity. 🌺

Lady Audio Videos

Mindful music soundscapes with mandala kaleidoscope and form constant imagery. You’ll find explorations with binaural beats, isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies and more to help with self-healing.

Some recordings contain slight distortion on the guitar. This aims to help with lowering anxiety.

Positive affirmations are also provided in some of the music. Recordings contain the affirmations subliminally or audibly.

“Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think.”


“One day it will happen, could be happening now, that a voice from another dimension will speak to Earth. You might as well practice and be ready for it.”


“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.”


Let’s work together on a musical project…