Clara Hembree with Taylor Guitar and Rode Microphones

Easy mic recording for acoustic guitar and vocal, then syncing to multiple camera shots

For the latest Maheekat recording and video project, we used two microphones and two cameras. One mic on the vocals, … More

Maheekats at Muddy Waters Music Venue

Maheekats – Dreamy Indie Pop Rock Music Group

Maheekats is my music project that has been active from 1999 to 2003, and again from 2013 to present. Established … More

Strawberry Spotlight Logo

Strawberry Spotlight Radio Show

Strawberry Tongue Radio is pleased to announce Strawberry Spotlight, a new show that will air each Wednesday at 1:00pm EST. … More

Lady Audio Logo

Lady Audio Podcast

Lady Audio provides you with an educational podcast that features interviews with audio techs, recording engineers, and producers. The podcast … More