It has been a dream of mine to have one of my tunes included in a horror film for some time now. Please help by donating a few bucks and sharing this campaign like there's no tomorrow. The reason is because there's a chance my music will be considered for this indie film!!! Do you know how exciting this is?! Well, do ya? Punk? *giving you the Clint Eastwood squint*


There are so many scenes where Maheekats music would be great in an indie horror film... a scene where someone is driving and listening to the radio, a scene where a character first walks into a sleazy bar, a scene where someone is about to drown, a scene where someone is walking down the street with a sawed off shotgun and he passes by a bum with a boom box! So many!!!


So please donate and share! Thank you!!!



"The Line Short Film" campaign on Indiegogo





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